Life and Lyme

Muddling through life after Lyme



Hello from Denver, Colorado. There are a few things you should know about me, things that define me. I am adopted. I am deaf in my left ear. I am single. I am a mother. I am a daughter. Those are the biggies. The rest is filler.

I was born in San Antonio, Texas to a seventeen-year-old Hispanic girl who was knocked up by her thirty-two-year old teacher. My parents brought me home when I was six days old. My dad was a geologist and my mom was a cell biologist. We moved around quite a bit. San Antonio to Corpus Christi to Houston to Covington, Louisiana, to Evergreen, Colorado, and back to Houston before I left for college at the University of Texas, Austin. There I dabbled and dithered, smoked pot and drank and danced and had lots of adventures. I moved back to Houston with a completely useless degree in Anthropology. No matter. I married. I got divorced. I met my second husband while working for cable TV. We moved back to Austin. Got married in San Antonio. Moved to Lubbock. Moved back to Houston. Had girl child. Moved back to Austin. Moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Jeez, I moved a LOT! Moved to Evergreen, Colorado.

During all this mess, I worked part-time. Day care, Sewing store. Banks. Scientific instrument company. Rec centers. Outdoor store. Anything, really. Just nothing full-time. When girl child graduated, I was left alone with husband. Started writing, badly. Lost my father-in-law. Lost my mother. Decided to go to graduate school. Girl child moved home.  Husband divorced me. I moved ‘down the hill’ to Lakewood. Dad moved in half of every year. Went to Bennington College. Got bit by a tick. Graduated. Got Lyme disease.

There you have it. The particulars. I love dogs, cats, cooking, hiking, books (fiction, some non-fiction, YA, middle grade, and classics. No romances or fantasy for me.), movies (the good ones, usually art films and classics), music (if you like the Eagles, you’re in the wrong place. Love everything but death metal and bad music.), swimming, pickleball, and tennis (I have been to the Australian Open, US Open twice, Indian Wells, Western & Southern and Miami Open. Someday I will travel to London for Wimbledon and Paris for the French Open.).

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